A very warm welcome onto our new website for 2020.

Optigro is an independent midlands based crop protection company providing experienced high quality advice across the full spectrum of farming needs in the modern environment

Our focus centres on solving problems and providing agronomy solutions, optimising sustainable crop production.

Many products will become unavailable under new legislation and will soon need to be replaced. We have the specialist expertise that is needed to do this well and cost effectively

New challenges face all farmers and growers in crop and soil monitoring requirements imposed by upcoming legislation

A multitude of manufacturers in today’s market are offering new and improved specialist products on a regular basis and it is becoming increasingly challenging to stay up to date with the best value products in the marketplace.

Led by Andrew Wade with over 30 years experience in crop protection and production Optigro is there to help you find a way through the constantly changing marketplace but most importantly it is there to provide INDEPENDENT advice to it’s farmers and growers.